The Truth About Air & Water



“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.”

-Ernest Hemingway ~ A Farewell To Arms


Tally Landon and Lincoln Presley share an epic love. The famous couple is poised to begin their married life together after his baseball season ends at the World Series and before her fall ballet season begins, but then a single moment changes everything and a life together that seemed so certain is now shattered. The ballerina learns that you never love the same way twice while the baseball player learns that starting over may be the only way to return home. You only think you know how this love story goes, but do you really know how an epic love can end?


“There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.”

-F. Scott Fitzgerald



From the book…

She is living color, and I’ve been in a black-and-white world for far too long without her.

Powerful stuff. It surrounds me. I’ve felt it since I first arrived. The forcefield of her. The magnetism of her. The power she wields over me. I’m alive again because of her, like a dying plant that finally gets some water. I’ve got it bad for this girl.

Reality dawns.

The light comes through the darkness and shines on me.

She’s my water.

-Lincoln Presley


The truth is I breathe with him. He is my air. Raison d’etre.

-Tally Landon


Author’s note: The Truth About Air & Water is part of the Truth In Lies series but can be read as standalone. This Much Is True is the first book in the series.


BUY the novel at these fine online retailers listed below:


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*Coming soon on iBookstore – search by name, Katherine Owen

Look for trade paperback 6′ X 9′ soon!!!


Do you like to know where the inspiration comes from for the storyline? I collect it here. Pinterest page for The Truth About Air & Water.


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