Gel at Bookish Temptations put together this image gallery complete with quotes for The Truth About Air & Water. I’m blown away doesn’t begin to cover it. LOVE THIS!!!! Thank you, Gel at Bookish Temptations. I’m thrilled at your thoughtful depiction of this story line.

Best, Katherine Owen

Bookish Temptations


WOW. This is the exact word that I uttered after reading Katherine Owen‘s book—The Truth About Air & Water. This is the second book on her Truth and Lies Series. Although you can actually read this as a stand alone novel, I really think that you should start with book 1—This Much Is True, because the story of Linc and Tally was introduced there. I am really kicking myself for not being able to read the book 1 first. And I will as soon as possible because I want more from this author!;)

It was heavy, it was sweet. You’ll laugh and you’ll definitely cry. There’s betrayal, lies and reconciliation. Gosh! You’ll feel everything in this story. I was such an emotional wreck at some parts of the book that I had to pause and take a break. Which is good—I love this kind…

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