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The Truth About Air & Water (Truth in Lies, #2)The Truth About Air & Water by Katherine Owen

This is the second book in the Truth In Lies series. I’ve written both This Much Is True and The Truth About Air & Water as standalones. Why?

Well, with This Much Is True, I wrote a book that is really two books in one, since I hate cliffhangers, and I thought I was done with Linc and Tally. This Much Is True became a bestseller on Amazon in September of 2013 and I’ve gained quite a few new rrrreeeaaadddd-uhs since then. The constant drumbeat for more of Linc and Tally became louder and the fact that these characters wouldn’t leave me alone led me to this latest novel, The Truth About Air & Water which released August 24th, 2014, a whole year later.

Prolific, I am not. Mostly, because I am angsty writer and develop plot lines that do not follow somebody else’s work beyond the boy meets girl theme. Secondly, back to why I wrote The Truth About Air & Water as a standalone, I rose to the challenge to write a storyline where new readers could start here and not be completely lost about Linc and Tally’s love history. Clever, indeed.

But having said all of this, I would encourage readers to read This Much Is True first because so many readers recommend doing this very thing, and there are many of you reading both novels straight through. Awesome!

And, as part of my gratitude and general enjoyment at seeing this phenomena of reading both book one after the oterh, This Much Is True is on sale at an incredibly cheap price on Amazon so you can do so. Believe me, I appreciate readers spending a half day or so reading my stuff. Okay, a day. These are full-length novels and This Much Is True is incredibly long, but if you can find the place to cut TMIT down; you just let me know.

Onward. If you are familiar with my writing, you know I don’t take it easy on readers. Like ever. So if you’re looking for the happy trope with a weak heroine who falls for the bad boy and then the two proceed to have sex for the latter half of the novel on every page so that you actually grow tired of it all and start skipping pages, I’m not for you. If you like your fiction to dive deep and include more complex plot lines where you can actually experience the character arcs just by reading the story because you have actually been transported to their world, this book might be for you.

What I am most proud of with The Truth About Air & Water is I take Linc and Tally to a whole new level and really delve into the what if question: what happens next when you have everything?

Readers who’ve read my work, especially This Much Is True, are now holding their breaths. Ah!!!!! I hear you.

I don’t want to give the plot away. And I must stop to thank my readers who have already read The Truth About Air & Water for not doing so either as part of their rave reviews for this one.

Let’s just say when everything’s perfect, KO comes along and shatters it.

As I tell all of my readers, prepare properly. Advil, wine, tissues, and perhaps an even stronger drug of your choice may be in order. And, as Lincoln Presley would say, “Do what you must, Princess.”

Additionally, you cannot have a problem with the f-word because I don’t. If you’ve checked all those boxes discussed above, read my work and enjoy the novel and hang on. Also, this has been coming up…do not start this novel right before you are planning to go to bed. You will be up all night reading. There is a point in the middle where you will not be able to put it down. Just sayin’. Epic, indeed.

Lastly, I love to hear from readers. If you need virtual hand holding while reading this one or the first one (TMIT), send me a message. As some readers will attest, I am here for you. ♥


Katherine Owen
Writer | Dark, angsty love stuff