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The writing has been slow going. There’s a lot of thinking that goes into putting a story together. And, I’m trying to get a better handle on “story”. The Work-In-Progress is going on two fronts: Saving Valentines is still in progress and Tally and Linc seem to asking for more (as are a lot of my readers). I think I have a workable storyline for them. Updates still to come. I want to take a moment to thank all of my readers, those that have been along for this writing journey since the beginning, and the new ones that have found me with This Much Is True. I am grateful for all of you. As for inspiration with future projects? It seems to derive from this lovely singer, Lana Del Rey.

Lana Del Rey - Hovefestivalen 2012

Lana Del Rey – Hovefestivalen 2012 (Photo credit: NRK P3)

Love her!


Separate link to video as well.



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