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Wet or Dry, Chapter 1: The Listening RoomWet or Dry, Chapter 1: The Listening Room by D.C. Bourone
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

D.C. Bourone’s incredible writing continues to dominate my mind long after I’ve finished this unfinished novel. Please take note that Bourone warns readers that this novel will probably never be finished so at the very beginning the writer asks you to take a chance and invest your time. It is well worth the dive into the deep recesses of your mind if only to experience Bourone’s literary style. I haven’t come across a writer like this in a long time. D.C. Bourone’s writing reads poetic, essentially lyrical.

Here’s one of my favorite passages from the novel:

“Men are a fire that burns even in the absence of fuel,” the Life Coach had intoned. “And boys? Boys are men, unhampered by conscience, fevered by optimism, enchanted with risk, insensible to any pain as long as it is yours. They will demolish you, consume you, step across the smoldering corpse of your dreams without tear or apology. Men. Boys. Make no distinction. You are warned.”

And this one…

“Evolution cares nothing for your happiness,” the Coach continued. “Evolution designed you to bond with the male in a way he will never bond with you, to weld your heart to his in dreams if not reality, because without him you would starve, freeze, be devoured. Because without him your line would be extinguished. Forever. Evolution made you a slave, a slave to love, a slave whose only refuge was the fantasy of love and love returned. Today evolution as a force of nature is dead. If someday you choose to procreate, there are ways far more graceful than those requiring a man. If someday you find the need for a man, a particular man, has clouded your mind, interfered with your happiness, corrupted that which you have chosen for yourself, you will…?

“Remember Simone,” the girls replied.

This story is chilling and mind-blowing on so many levels and Bourone’s delivery is pitch perfect. A reader may not want to see this future and most likely fail to understand it, but Bourone lays it out there with such fascinating detail it feels like truth and appears to be real. Wet or Dry. I’ll read it again and again and wistfully hope for more from this talented writer, D.C. Bourone.

A must read, just for the amazing writing alone. D.C. Bourone has a story to tell and we should all listen.

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