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Early Reviews for This Much Is True…And what readers are saying is the biggest reward of all…

“…Just loved this story line, incredible love story with angst, emotions, heartbreak and the power of true love.”  Amazon ★★★★★

“…Loved This Much Is True! Katherine Owen tells the story of Tally with great sensitivity and wisdom.” Amazon ★★★★★

“…If you enjoyed Not To Us and When I See You, expect to love This Much Is True.”  Amazon ★★★★★

“…If you’re looking for something a little different, something that will frustrate you as well as break your heart from start to finish, while also making you envy the possibility that a love-bond that unbreakable could truly, possibly exist out in the real world… “This Much Is True” by Katherine Owen definitely fits that bill.

This much is true: no matter how much of a book slump you’ve been in lately, you will definitely feel something if you attempt to read this story… And chances are, more than likely, you’ll be just as much in love with both Tally and Linc, as you are infuriated by them… I hope that helps!”  Amazon ★★★★★

And this one which takes down the rating to a reasonable 4.2 of 5

Way out there too many lose ends with things that happen.
I had to stop reading and step away with the bad storyline…” signed Bad Ending ★

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What? You want me to read the book to you, too? For sure.