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I’ve had this incredible week–the unplanned kind that you start and you’re too far in to turn back? Yes, that kind of week. I can’t even begin to tell you how arduous it was, but the results are this much improved, edited version of Not To Us for both avid eBook readers and print-only ones as well (as soon as next week with the updated trade paperback version). Today, Not To Us will be featured on BookBub, an advertising site that features a finite amount of eBooks and easily catapults novels to the top of bestseller lists for days at a time. People love a good read and a bargain (value; right?) rolled into one. So, Today, June 22nd, Not To Us (the eBook version) will be on sale for the awesome price of $0.99 cents at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Kobo (hello, Canada!).

I don’t put her on sale very much because this particular novel is often misunderstood. Don’t read it, if you have a problem with infidelity and love triangles or books that will make you cry. Do read it, if you like roller coaster stories where it’s hard to guess what happens next. That is this novel.

After reading through the story multiple times for the edited updates, (because; yes, I’m a comma queen) I have to say I LOVE the story of Ellie and Michael. Don’t judge. I think this story is powerful and true and moving. Yes, there’s tragedy, but out of the ashes of these broken people is immense strength and love. So, if you haven’t read Not To Us, you should. It’s fiction for adults. There’s bad language and shocking story lines, but it will carry you away for an afternoon. Enjoy!

Here’s the premise:

There are all kinds of ways for a relationship to be tested, even broken, some, irrevocably; it’s the endings we’re unprepared for. Ellie

Ellie’s perfect world unravels.

A best friend’s betrayal ends her marriage.

An alarming diagnosis threatens her life.


It all leads to Michael…

But, fate soon tests their perfect union.

And, begs the question: if you get a second chance, do you take a different path?

What “they” say… Praise for Not To Us

“Strong characterizations and intriguing plot lines kept me riveted to this novel. The storyline of couples facing midlife crisis that tears them apart and still brings them together is very moving…” Marta Hartman BookRooster

“This book was the epitome of an emotional rollercoaster, and I say that with a smile on my face…I read through this book rather quickly, because it captivated me so much…” Stephanie Goodreads

 “… I have to say I loved it. It is the story of how a woman’s life falls apart from one day to the next and how she keeps it together. Or not…” pj “pj” Bookrooster

My answer when asked…
What was the basis for Not To Us?

I wanted to explore a few heavy themes and started with these types of questions: What happens in a relationship that seems to have everything? What happens when one is betrayed? By a husband? By a best friend? What happens to a person when they’re confronted with a life-threatening illness? Does he or she strive to change their course? Choose a different path? These story lines intrigued me and became the basis for Not To Us. In this novel, both Michael and Ellie strive to do the right thing, most of the time, but they both respond to grief in the same kind of way, seeking consolation from others, not trusting each other, or themselves. I wanted to write about how tragedy can change or alter a person’s life, and even, perhaps, change their behavior and choices.

Here’s the cover update coming for the print edition of Not To Us. I went back to an earlier photograph for the back cover. Note the darkened sky and the whited-out couple holding hands as if they’re not really there. This captures the epitome of Michael and Ellie, I think. Also, see the shadowed hands below? I love that. Their shadow exists even when the rest of them doesn’t. It captures the essence of their love story quite well. Love the front cover because the guy looking at the blond is truly a reflection of Michael and Ellie. And, you say you haven’t read it yet? You should. Oh, I said that already; didn’t I?