If You Stay (Beautifully Broken, #1)If You Stay by Courtney Cole

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I really loved this book! It’s always a good sign of a good book for me when I am thinking about the storyline or the characters days after; and so it is with If You Stay.

Pax is beautifully broken as the subtitle implies. Mila less so. They meet under extraordinary circumstances ~ awful,, in fact which makes their relationship seem so unlikely as to working out. They do indeed come from two different life spectrum of good versus boy gone bad. However? I liked Mila well enough but I loved Pax and that feeling just got stronger as the book went along; and as a reader, we get a glimpse into his past. Even at his worst, Pax was still endearing through all these simple actions he took in his pursuit of Mila. That’s what made this story a standout and made it work for me. Pax was something special even when he was trying really hard not to be.

Mila was an interesting character–a bit of a conundrum for me, frankly–because she behaved more timidly at times than I thought she should. In some ways, she was overshadowed by Pax and there’s a part deep into the storyline (towards the end of the book) that I was disappointed that she didn’t go more directly after what she wanted, but I suppose that here Ms. Cole was trying incorporate human flaws and weaknesses in her character by nature. Mila is a bit passive even when we don’t want her to be. Her strength comes in the positive influence she has on Pax and I think that is ultimately what makes this story work so well. #lovedit. #readit.♥

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