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All three novels received cover update/treatments. As you will see, Seeing Julia got the major makeover. The novel has done extremely well on Amazon, but I wanted to convey the darker feel of the story line because let’s face it; I write pretty dark stuff. I was inspired by my recent read and subsequent love affair with Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl.

So. There you go.

And, here’s a little shout-out to one of my Facebook fans and favorite reader who gave five stars to When I See You



Here’s her review (which I LOVE):

this book is not a fast pace ‘on the edge of your seat’ mystery, not an erotica, no vampires or make believe animals this book. its simply an emotional roller coaster that i highly recommend to everyone.

i have never read a book or watch something on tv that made me feel so many things that i hoped i would never feel…. odd i know .lol. you just have to read the book to understand.

i cried so hard straight though the first 28% of the book. of course there were many more tears throughout the read.

i appreciate that the feelings werent described using over detailed description or using unrealistic words in the situations.

the wording of the character’s feelings were freakishly realistic. it was impossible to not feel the words in my own heart.

i like a lot of books so many of my ratings get a 4. but i am very critical as to what i love enough to give a 5 start and im so happy that this book is one that will actually get a 5 star.

the author just gained herself another fan!