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I am grateful for all of my readers, but I am especially touched by those readers who read my work, and then, of their own volition, share it with others via Facebook or their blog or just a personal rave of the novel to their friends. I stumbled across a review on Goodreads that was recently shared about Seeing Julia and it touched me so that I wanted to share it here, too. 

In part, it reads:

My Thoughts

This book actually teaches so much the title SEEING JULIA practically tells you the basic meaning sometimes you will see the same thing over and over again but do you really see it. Do you truly know who or what your seeing? Do you really know your friends, someone you keep meeting but pushing that someone away. Julia wanted some to really see her what killed her was the people who knew her died besides her friends who held her hand and helped her when she needed them the most.

For the full review, please visit Trisha’s blog Escapes Reality Living Between The Pages post about Seeing Julia. She even wrote a poem that was inspired by Seeing Julia. Nothing pleases me more than emotionally touching my readers when they read my novels. I love it!

Just know, I have so much gratitude for you all.

Thank you!