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Do you wonder why novels are sometimes set to FREE on Amazon? Like most writers, I have a goal to get my work into the hands of as many readers as I can, so celebrate the summer season with me and grab a copy of When I See You for your Kindle. You don’t even need to have a Kindle, just grab the Kindle app on the right hand side of the product page for When I See You and download the app to your laptop, computer or iPad. And, there’s always a paperback version for sale at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and The Book Depository, just do a search by title or my name.


Please denote that the Kindle price is actually set to $0.00 before buying, the Amazon gods are not an exact science and there can be delays to setting the price to FREE. Thanks for considering my work!

Here’s the book’s description:

He breaks his promise, 
 more than once. 
He makes another. 
Will she believe him? 
Can he keep it?
They share a connection and a devastating loss that intricately ties them to one another. 
But now, both must find their way to a new and different life.
Discover for themselves that moving on begins with letting go, making promises, 
  and keeping them, most of all.
When I See You makes the BESTSELLER Lists in Literary Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Literature & Fiction, & American Drama. 
PRAISE for the novel, When I See You…
 “…Jordan and Brock have an inordinate amount of bad karma going on…What pulls this story out of the hellish mire it could be stuck in, is this amazing thread of almost palpable hope that winds its way through the narrative…” Dana Burness, blogger at Let’s Book It
“I love a book that touches my heart and keeps me thinking about the characters long after I have turned the last page. When I See You is exactly that kind of book.” Cheles Bells, blogger at  A Belle’s Tales
“When I See You is yet another brilliant romance in which Katherine Owen proves that, not only can she create excellent characters, but she can put them through the wringer and make them come out on the other side as even better characters…”  Ellen Fritz, blogger at Books4Tomorrow
“I feel like I just finished reading a Douglas Kennedy novel! …such a riveting novel. A unique story rich in deep characterization, plot and setting. Smart with clever, crisp dialogue. It pulls you in with every word, page after page.” Karen M. – writer
 “I just finished reading Ms. Owen’s newest novel–in less than two days. I love this author’s writing style! Her books are well-written and extremely touching. When I start reading one of her books, I can’t seem to put it down until I finish it!” Emily Boursaw, blogger at Macktastic
If you enjoy The Lucky One or Dear John by Nicholas Sparks and the twists and turns of storylines like those of Jodi Picoult, you’ve got to read When I See You