When I See You is exclusive to Amazon on their Kindle platform until March 20th, 2012.

1) It’s true. Amazon has done a great deal for this author. I have an author page, an author link, Twitter and Facebook and Blog headlines to the right of my page and most of my books are sold at Amazon.com’s web site.

2) As part of the exclusivity, there is a marketing promotion where I can set the book to FREE for up to five days which I am taking advantage of from 12:01 a.m. 12/25 to 12/27/11 midnight, so if you want to get the book for FREE on Amazon for your Kindle that’s when you hit the button to download. There will be a two-day FREE campaign in next few months or so.

3) I want to gain new readers of my work. It’s really that simple and the Kindle Select Program helps me do that.

4) Since this is a brand new release of When I See You, it is a perfect opportunity to gauge how such a marketing program works for me (or not). I’ve contemplated this before, but haven’t been able to do this exclusively with Amazon.

5) The PRINT trade paperback of When I See You will be available in the next week. Good news for those of you anxious to read my third novel and not on a Kindle.

6) When I See You is only exclusive to Amazon’s platform for three months. My other two novels, Not To US and Seeing Julia, are available in a wide variety of formats for e-books for iPad and Nook as well as print books. If you have interest in being notified as to when When I See You will be available for these other ebook platforms, please fill out your info. on the Contact Page and I will send you an email letting you know.

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