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Hello all,

I thought I would take a moment to thank all my new followers and readers, not mutually exclusive I know, but still. I’ve been obsessed lately with reading everything out in the blog and twitter world on e-book publishing. It’s getting pretty intense with everyone trying to predict the future of where things are going. There’s a huge battle brewing between self-publishing and the traditional way of publishing. Regardless, the future seems to be exploding with the revolution of e-books. Comparing the evolution of the movie and music industry is probably spot-on. For any writers coming to my blog: Here’s a great discussion of that taking place: http://bit.ly/kJsEQu

Here’s a little story, I was at my brother’s house last night. We were comparing features of his Nook to my Kindle. It was pretty much a horse race. There were things about his Nook that seemed easier than on my Kindle and vice-versa. I have long fingernails so pushing the buttons takes concentrated effort and I’m an impatient person, but I can live with it. I tend to buy books on my laptop (online) and have them sent to my Kindle, magically. After a sizable debate of twenty minutes, we concluded the devices were similar and really all we wanted to do was “read”. An endeavor that is nicely accomplished on both devices. Sweet!

The times are a-changing fast. Just wait until kids start taking an avid interest in e-readers. Think what this Christmas season will have in store for the evolution of e-books, e-readers, and readers everywhere.

So, if you’re interested in my work, you can find print and e-book versions of my novels at amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. Just search my name: Katherine Owen and my work will magically appear.

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