It’s true. Writing is easy for me. Yet, I never make it easy. No. I tend to complicate it, muddle it up, and spend an exorbitant amount of time contemplating my writing. Mornings slide by and the days get lost. Often. This has been the situation for the past two months. Lots of starts and stops and very little momentum going forward. That’s me and my writing.

I have this little program called Focus Buster on my computer. Once, I thought this little ticking-off-of-time program might jump-start my goal of writing every day with a modicum of discipline. But no; it didn’t.

Yesterday, I experienced the easy reach-out that is Twitter. One of my new Twitter friends sent out a message about writing for an hour. This invitation to write for an hour was compelling and so I did it twice (for two one-hour sessions) with these two writers. We started on the :30 and wrote for an hour. Then, we did it again for a second hour. I’m not sure where the motivation came from to participate: not letting them down by not participating, perhaps? Or, allowing myself to write? Either way, the result after two hours of participation was 2,603 words, new ones, not edited ones, that helped me finally propel the story, When I See You, forward.

It’s a new day. It’s summer in Seattle. I have things to do this morning that will prevent me from starting on When I See You, but perhaps I’ll reach out to the Twitter world this afternoon and write my way out again.