Ah…It’s Memorial Day weekend. Most everyone in America gets a three-day weekend and welcomes summer despite the chaos of winter and the less than stellar hints of spring. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re still donning winter coats pretty much every day of the week. There are grey clouds, the threat of rain, and the linger of winter in the wind in  just about everything around here. Sadly, our ski boat still sits on the trailer because the weather forecast is gloomy for the next ten days. Perfect writing weather, but not really good for anything or anyone else, but me.

We may have to serve hot chocolate instead of lemonade for the kids.  It must be warm somewhere! ?

I have a propensity for beaches. I love beach vacations. Maybe that’s why I went with ocean beach themes on my book covers. The ocean represents nature in the ultimate way for me and I like the sound and the chaos and the constant cycling of the waves–all of it, ever-changing. I love that!

So this post is for the pinnacle that Memorial Day represents for me: the beginning of summer.  Get out the beach chairs, the umbrellas, the free-flowing cocktails, and a good book.  I’m there!  It’s fleeting, here in Seattle, so you have to embrace it while you can regardless of the weather.